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Manage your deliveries from the client order to the recipient delivery, through your sales team, dispatch and messengers.

Cyke is developed and used in-house by Olvo, a pioneer company in bike logistics. This software, inherited from Olvo bike delivery experience, is now opened to other messenger companies.

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Your clients

Through their ordering and tracking interface, your clients will manage their deliveries autonomously.

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Your dispatch

Plan and track graphically your task dispatching, while optimising your hourly revenue and punctuality.

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Your messengers

Deliver calmly with all required information and collect delivery proofs.

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Your clients trust

Your clients don't have to choose between working with a local delivery SME and enjoying an efficient software. Custom delivery forms, spreadsheet import, e-commerce API, real time tracking: your clients save time and make you save time.

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An efficient dispatch

Dispatch deliveries between your messengers to optimize their working time. Our dispatching app allows you to visualize the localisation, timeslots and package sizes in a clear interface.

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Informed messengers

Your messengers can access all the information to understand the round order, complete their deliveries, collect delivery proofs and manage incidents.

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Reassure your recipients

The recipients of your deliveries will know you're coming. Lower the risk of absent recipients and failed deliveries.

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Business introduction & Network


Increase your delivery numbers.


We do not get any commission.


You contractualize on your own.

Client satisfaction

Loaders enjoy using Cyke.

Automate your delivery floxws to increase your revenue

  • Platforms and shipping agents

    All-in-one integration with Coursicab, Woop, Socléo, Fleurs d'Ici, Storeshippers...

  • E-commerce website connector

    Give your clients a direct gateway from their ecommerce website.

  • Native API

    Connect Cyke with your client's IT systems. See API documentation

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